How To Find The Perfect Diamond Wedding Band For You

Posted on: 11 May 2023

Getting married is an exciting endeavor full of love, connection, and celebration. There is also much planning and organizing involved, from proposal to reception and everything in between. Wedding rings have been a popular tradition to give a token of your love to the one you love and represent your commitment together. Here are some factors to consider when finding the right wedding band for your engagement ring.

Style and Size

Wedding bands are what women commonly wear with their engagement rings to represent getting married. Wedding bands accent the main attraction which is your engagement ring. 

When designing your wedding band, you can choose attributes like the width, the finish, and the style. Width is measured in millimeters and ranges from thin and dainty to thick and sturdy sizes. Finishes are the texture of the metal of your band. For a gleaming and shiny effect, a polished finish is a good choice. For a matte finish, satin, hammered, and sandblasted are perfect. There are also engraved finishes if you want detailed accents. 

Metal Type

There are a variety of metals to choose from, including precious metals and industrial metals. Industrial metals are more affordable and commonly scratch-resistant. They are a popular material for men's bands. Some industrial metals are tungsten, cobalt, and tantalum. Precious metals are more expensive but usually are more durable. Gold and platinum are the leading choices for precious metals.

One thing to consider when picking a metal type is what your engagement ring metal is, too. You can match the band colors or choose a modern two-toned look depending on what you like.


When choosing the stones for your ring, there are many stones available but diamonds are the most durable. Diamonds come in many sizes and shape options. You can even mix and match! Some shapes available are round, princess, marquise, baguette, and more. Diamond size depends on ring style, shape, and personal aesthetics. 

Diamond wedding bands have prongs to hold the stones in place. A prong is the metal that is used to connect the diamond to the band. It takes at least two prongs to hold a single stone but four prongs are recommended for more stability. Two common prong types to choose from are split and shared. With shared prongs, one set of prongs will hold two stones. With split prongs, one set of prongs holds a single stone.

When buying a diamond wedding band, there are ready-made designs but you can also choose to customize a design of your own making. Talk to a jeweler for more info about diamond wedding bands