Make These Decisions When You Shop For Crawler Earrings

Posted on: 7 February 2023

When you browse the earrings for sale at any large jewelry shop, you can expect to see a selection of crawler earrings. Even if you don't know this earring type by name, you've almost certainly seen it on numerous women. This unique type of earring gets its name because of how it crawls up your ear. A lot of people enjoy wearing crawler earrings, which can look stylish whether you're going to work or getting ready for a party. If you're planning to buy your first pair of crawler earrings, here are some decisions to make.


One thing that you'll quickly see when you scan a display case of crawler earrings is that this type of earring varies considerably in length. While most crawler earrings tend to be longer than other earrings, there can be quite a discrepancy in the length from piece to piece. For example, you'll see crawler earrings that are designed to crawl almost to the top of your ears, while others only go up about halfway. The former offers a lot more sparkle, while the latter may be more practical for everyday applications such as wearing to work.


You'll also see that the width of crawler earrings can vary a lot. Some of these earrings are wide enough that they conceal most of the outer part of your ear. Other crawler earrings have more of a minimalist design, which means that they won't conceal your ear very much. Both styles can be popular, but you'll need to think about your preferred look. Some people favor the narrow crawlers because they weigh less. However, if you're comfortable with wearing earrings that are on the heavier side, thick crawlers may appeal to you.

Dangling Elements

There are some crawler earrings on the market that have dangling elements that hang off them at one or more points along their length. In general, most crawler earrings don't have dangling pieces, but it can be fun to choose a dangler style if you want your earrings to offer more visual appeal. For example, a crawler earring that has a few strands with gemstones attached to them will move and catch the light when you wear them, which can draw more attention. If you like the idea of earrings with dangling elements, you'll need to decide how long you want the dangling parts to be. Learn about crawler earrings at a local jewelry shop.

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