3 Glass Jewelry Necklace Designs That Represent the Beach

Posted on: 16 November 2022

Glass art jewelry showcases a wide range of colors, unique designs, and patterns. When you shop for glass art necklaces online, you will come across many different themes and design options. The clear designs and pattern options allow a lot of the jewelry pieces to showcase beach themes and designs.

The next time you go shopping for glass art jewelry, look at some of the design options available and ways to represent your love for the beach through the jewelry you wear.

1. Infused Glass Designs

Glass artists have the ability to infuse glass pieces with all kinds of different elements. For beach designs, you may find glass necklaces with shells or small pieces of sand infused right into the glass. Typically, the glass will completely encompass the infused pieces. Often the pieces will look like they float in the air or remain suspended in motion.

The glass designs could feature swirls and curves in different colors to represent ocean waves. For example, a necklace pendant may feature a wave design with infused sand on the bottom to create a nice visual of the beach.

2. Beach Color Designs

Sometimes, you may seek out a more subtle design that represents the beach. For example, you could purchase glass art necklaces that just showcase the colors of the beach. The designs could include various patterns. A layered colored glass piece could feature a mix of blues, purples, and pinks.

A patterned necklace could showcase a base color and then patterned shapes and designs in a different color. Beaches all around the world showcase different colors based on the geography, the sun, and surrounding nature. Choose a color design that represents your favorite beach.

3. Pendant Shape Designs

Glass artist services can create all kinds of whimsical designs for necklaces. You have the opportunity to shop for unique pendant shapes based on the beach and sea creatures. For example, you could purchase a pendant shape in the design of an octopus, dolphin, or shark. The glass design could feature a fully realized 3D shape or have a flat design.

Some glass shapes could include items you find on the beach like shells or sand dollars. The lightweight design of the glass makes the necklaces comfortable to wear and provides you with a lot of options to mix up your accessory looks on a daily basis.

Shop around online to find a wide range of glass art. Contact a service such as Nixon Art Glass to learn more.