The Pros and Cons of Engraving Your Wedding Bands

Posted on: 10 February 2021

Should you engrave something on your wedding bands? There is no one right or wrong answer to this question. But here are a few pros and cons that can help you make the decision. 

The Pros of Engraving Wedding Bands

Certainly, the biggest pro of engraving is that it adds a distinct level of romance to your big day. An engraving is usually on the inside of the band, so it's a secret held between the two partners — meant for your eyes only and revealed at the moment of exchanging nuptials. If your wedding feels large, impersonal, or overwhelming, a secret message can be the perfect way to remind each other what it's truly all about. 

Engraving can also help embellish a ring that may be somewhat understated. An inside message may not show, but it does add something unique and special to a simple ring. And engraving on the outside can make up for lack of decoration. If you are reusing an heirloom ring, this is a great way to personalize it to your particular partner. 

The Cons of Engraving Wedding Bands

Of course, the biggest cons of engraving are practical considerations. You will pay extra for the service, usually at a cost per letter, so budget-minded ring buyers may need to decide between extra elements on the ring or an engraving. The other practical consideration is the extra time needed to engrave. Each jeweler who offers the service has their own time frame, so it may or may not work with your own wedding deadline. 

Not everyone feels creative enough to make an engraving really special. You or your partner may feel pressured to come up with something brilliant during a particularly stressful time. And if one partner is a lot more romantic, more creative, or funnier than the other, this could make the subject feel awkward rather than romantic. One band might end up with a simple date while the other boasts an original line of poetry. 

Where to Start

The best place to begin making the decision between engraving or not is to talk with a jeweler about your options. Along with the practical matters like pricing and physical limitations of the ring itself, they can also help a partner who may be struggling with what to do about their engraving. Get started by talking or meeting with a jewelry store in your area today.