Reasons Handmade Custom Jewelry Is Better Than Factory-Made Jewelry

Posted on: 22 March 2020

Whether you're purchasing a gift piece for someone special or splurging on a little something just for you, here are three reasons to go for handmade custom jewelry instead of factory-generated accessories. 

1. One-of-a-Kind Statement

If you're looking for a jewelry piece that is as unique as the wearer, handmade is definitely the way to go. While jewelers may craft custom pieces that are similar in style to each other, you know that there isn't another exactly like it anywhere else. 

Factory-made pieces sold in larger stores are manufactured in large quantities, increasing the chances of running into someone who has the same accessory. Handmade custom pieces take extra time to create, so there are fewer of them available. When an admirer asks where you got your necklace, you can confidently answer that it was made for you.

2. Traceable Origins

Another benefit of purchasing handmade custom jewelry is knowing where it came from. Factory-manufactured pieces are often made overseas with raw materials coming from many different locations. Considering the environmental cost of shipping all of these materials and the final piece to wherever you purchased it, these pieces aren't the most sustainable option. 

Handmade pieces are produced on a smaller scale, often by artisans and jewelers who work closer to their points of sale. Whether you find custom jewelry at a farmer's market, craft bazaar, or local jewelry shop, you might be able to meet the person who created it and speak to them about where and how they get their raw materials. 

3. Lifetime Support

In addition to knowing where your handmade custom jewelry came from, you also have the incredible resource of the creator's advice on how to care for it. If you're planning on owning your jewelry for a lifetime, this is an indispensable benefit. 

When purchasing handmade jewelry, you can ask the jeweler who created the piece how best to store, clean, and care for it. In a worst-case scenario of the piece being broken or damaged, you already know an expert to call for repairs. 

Because jewelers who create custom pieces work on a much smaller scale, they will also be able to give you more detailed information on storage and cleaning. This may even include offering the items you need to do so at home. 

For factory-made jewelry, you can still bring a damaged piece to a jeweler for repair, but it may not look exactly as it did when brand-new. No one will be better at fixing a ring or necklace than the person who made it in the first place. 

Reach out to a jeweler to learn more about custom jewelry for sale.