Three Reasons That Stud Earrings Are Appealing

Posted on: 8 September 2019

If you've recently had your ears pierced and you're looking for a few pairs of earrings to buy, it can be exciting to see all of the options that are available to you at your local jewelry store. It's understandable if you want to buy a variety of styles, but you should definitely make a pair of stud earrings one of your first purchases. Studs are available in different materials, sizes, and designs, so you shouldn't have a problem finding at least one pair with a look that you favor. Here are three reasons why stud earrings are a good choice.

They're Light

One of the biggest things that you'll appreciate about your stud earrings is how light they are. Of course, the weight of stud earrings can vary, but you'll often find that they're lighter than other styles of earrings such as hoops. Some women have trouble with heavier earrings pulling on their earlobes and causing some discomfort, often to the point at which they need to remove their earrings before the end of the day. With stud earrings, this isn't an issue that you'll likely experience.

They're Versatile

While you might have just gotten your earlobes pierced, you might also be thinking about one or more additional piercings in the future. For example, some women favor getting one piercing on their upper ear. If you're buying a few pairs of stud earrings, you'll appreciate how they can be versatile in terms of using them in other locations in the future. A large hoop or a dangling style of earring, meanwhile, works best on your lobes and won't necessarily work in other locations.

They're Not Obstructive

There's little question that hoop earrings and other larger styles of earrings can help you to look fashionable, but they can sometimes get in the way, too. If you have a young child at home, larger earrings can be precarious because a curious child could grab them and pull on them. Or, if you enjoy being active, you'll always need to remember to remove larger earrings before you play a sport or go for a jog, as they can bounce around and be annoying. This isn't a problem that you need to worry about with stud earrings, however. Their small size prevents them from getting in the way, so you can safely leave them in your ears during a variety of activities throughout the day.

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