What You Need To Know About Jewelry Repairs And Resizing Your Ring

Posted on: 22 May 2019

Your ring suddenly seems snug. Now what? Instead of storing it for good or buying a new bauble, contact a professional who makes jewelry repairs. If a bad fit is negatively affecting your ability to wear your engagement, wedding, or other ring, take a look at what you need to know about resizing.

Why Do You Need to Resize a Ring?

There are a variety of reasons for resizing a ring. Some of the most common causes for seeking this service include:

  • Pregnancy changes. Swelling can cause your ring to fit poorly, potentially cutting off circulation to your finger. Even though this is a temporary change, resizing your ring allows you to keep wearing the piece throughout your pregnancy.
  • Post-pregnancy changes. While some women experience no lasting effects, others may still have slight swelling or a change in ring size.
  • Weight loss. A significant weight loss can make it easy for your ring to slide off. Resizing it reduce the risk of losing the piece of jewelry.
  • Weight gain. Like weight loss, a significant weight gain can make your ring too tight.
  • Switching fingers. Your fingers are not all the same width. Moving a ring from one finger to other typically requires resizing.

Along with these reasons, a new ring that wasn't sized correctly to start with requires a jeweler's help. Again, a poor fit can either lead to circulation problems or make it easy to lose the ring—depending on whether it's too tight or too loose.

What Happens If the Ring Won't Come Off?

If a too-tight ring is cutting off your circulation, you need to seek emergency help immediately. This is a potentially serious health issue and requires medical attention. Start with an emergency room or doctor's visit and then take the ring to the jeweler after the healthcare professional removes it from your finger.

If the ring isn't restricting your blood flow, a quick trip to the jewelry repair shop can remedy the situation. When the jeweler removes the ring, they can resize it—making it less likely you'll have a repeat situation.

Will the Ring Look the Same?

Even though the ring will fit much better, the appearance won't change. A professional jeweler is trained to make this repair in a seamless way.

Whether your ring is too tight or feels like it might fall off, a jewelry repair professional can resize it. After safely removing the ring, talk to the jeweler about fitting the ring to your finger just right.