4Tips for Buying a Pre-Owned Engagement Ring

Posted on: 24 July 2018

One of the great things about gold and diamonds is that they last almost forever. Even if a ring made with these materials gets a little scratched or damaged, it can easily be repaired by a knowledgeable jeweler. Since gold and diamonds last so long, you can save a lot of money by buying a pre-owned engagement ring. It will still look gorgeous and last throughout your loved one's lifetime. You will, however, want to follow the tips below as you proceed through this endeavor.

Get an Idea of What Your Partner Likes First

When you're shopping for a used ring, you're going to come across a lot of great deals. It may be easy to give into temptation and buy a ring on-the-spot, but what if that ring does not fit your partner's taste? Talk about rings with your partner, and get an idea of what they like before you start shopping. Then, when you do find a great deal on a ring that fits their preferences, you can jump on it.

Set a Budget

When you set a budget from the get-go, you not only avoid over-spending, but you also set yourself up to get better deals. When you are on a limited budget, you are more likely to haggle with jewelry sellers and ask for discounts. You won't be pretending that you'll walk away if they don't give you a better deal; you will mean it! There are plenty of used rings out there for as little as a few hundred dollars, so don't get discouraged if your budget is quite limited.

Look for Signs of Damage

Do not let minor damage keep you from buying a ring. You can just take it into a jewelry shop and have it fixed, probably for less than a new ring would cost you. However, do make sure you carefully look over a used ring for damage before you buy it. Common places to see hidden damage include along the inside of the band and directly next to the gem. If you see damage, make sure that damage is reflected in the price.

Compare Prices Online

When you find a ring you like, do a quick search online to see what similar rings are selling for. You might find a very similar ring for less from an online retailer, or you might be able to convince jewelry sellers like Longhorn Jewelry Exchange to come down in price based on the price you see online.