Make This Christmas A Time To Give Jewelry To The Gals On Your Gift List

Posted on: 5 November 2019

Have you counted the days until Christmas Eve? If so, you have probably already figured out that there aren't that many shopping days left. That is especially true if you have to mail some of the gifts to folks who live out of town. Maybe you are feeling a bit stressed about what to buy for the people on your Christmas gift list. If that's the case, here are some ideas that might help you.

Costume Jewelry - Maybe you have people on your list who aren't ready to wear expensive jewelry. For example, maybe there are little girls on your list. Even though they are very young, they will more than likely be thrilled to receive costume jewelry that was chosen with them in mind. Say you have a young niece who is enamored with everything that has to do with horses. Imagine how excited she will be to receive a horse-themed necklace and tiny horse earrings. 

Do you have somebody on your Christmas list who collects brooches for the different seasons? If so, think of buying her a brooch that has an Easter bunny as the focal point of the design. Because costume jewelry is so affordable, you could even purchase an American flag brooch for the 4th of July, a jack-o-lantern pin for next Halloween, and a horn of plenty for Thanksgiving of 2020. Consider giving the recipient of the seasonal brooches a beautiful Christmas tree brooch. That one might be in a separate box with words like ​"Open before Christmas" on the box. 

Fine Jewelry - Have you decided that this is the Christmas when your wife or your sweetheart will receive something extremely special in the way of jewelry? For example, when you proposed marriage to your wife, were you only able to give her an engagement ring with a tiny diamond as the main design? Perhaps you would like to buy her a ring that has an impressive diamond set in a unique design. If you're not sure how to select a gift that's this expensive, the jeweler at the store where you'll be making your purchase will be happy to help you to select a quality diamond.

Another idea for your wife would be to give her a ring that includes the birthstone of each of your children. If you have grandchildren already, a birthstone to represent each of them would also be something that your wife would love. You can even have a pin designed that will hold birthstones for each of your children and grandchildren. A gold basket pin with the rhinestones set as a colorful flower design can be a gift that will last.

For more information, contact a jeweler.