Finishing Touch: 4 Tips To Choose The Perfect Bridal Earrings

Posted on: 17 July 2019

On the big day, all eyes will naturally be on the bride. That means every fashion choice you make has outsize importance compared to everyday wear. One element that everyone will see and will be prominent in many photos is the bride's choice of earrings.

The small touch of the right earrings can truly make an outfit, or it could simply be one fabulous part of the overall look. No matter what your jewelry goal, here are five tips to remember.

1. Match Metals. Many bridal earrings don't show a lot of metal, often being mostly gems, but you should still match the colors both to your other jewelry and your dress. Matching metals throughout your jewelry creates harmony. And remember that different metals look better with different colors. Pure white tends to look great with silver or platinum, while ivory often pairs best with gold hues.  

2. Accessorize the Neckline. For most bridal gowns, the neckline informs the choice of jewelry. A sweetheart neckline offers a great showcase for a pendant necklace. In this case, you may want to make the pendant the central focus and choose smaller earrings. A halter neckline, though, tends to overwhelm necklaces. In this case, a pair of bold, statement earrings could be all the decoration your neck and shoulders need.

3. Use Your Hairstyle. Aside from the dress's bodice and neckline, the other defining factor for most earring choices is how you plan to wear your hair. An up-do is the perfect opportunity to wear a pair of dramatic drop or chandelier earrings that will really attract attention. Similarly, a 'some up/some down' style can also provide a backdrop for a cool earring that stands out from your hair color. Wearing long, flowing locks instead? Consider a fresh style of stud earrings that provide a small pop of freshness or glamour.

4. Choose the Veil First. If you decide to wear a veil, you may want to know how it will affect your look before buying earrings. Traditional veils could easily cover up or overpower many types of earrings, especially if the veil is ornate or lacy. If you already have the earrings in mind, look for a veil style that will show them off as they deserve.

If you choose the right style of earrings to go with your dress's neckline, your hairstyle, and your veil, you can be sure that they will only add to your beauty and style on your big day.