4 Tips For Selling Handmade Bracelets Online

Posted on: 26 June 2017

If you want to start your own online business, selling handmade bracelets can be a great venture. But you can't just open up shop and expect the orders to start flowing in-- you need a good plan. Use the following tips to get your homemade jewelry business off the ground:


Before you can open your business, you need to have something to sell. You have a couple of options when it comes to building up your inventory. If you are very artistic, you can make your own bracelets and then list them for sale. But if you want to save valuable time, you may also want to consider purchasing wholesale beaded bracelets in bulk and then selling them. When you buy the bracelets in bulk at a low wholesale price, you will be able have a good profit margin when you sell them at retail price.

Know Your Materials

People want to purchase handmade bracelets from people who are passionate and knowledgeable about what they are selling. Make sure that you know what types of metals are used to make the bracelet, as well as what gemstones are used and what the beads are made of. It is in your best interest to include this information in each product description.

Use Great Pictures

One of the most important aspects of selling handmade bracelets online is using the best photographs possible for your listings. The photographs that you use will either draw customers in or make them move on to a different website to purchase a handmade bracelet from. Always take photos of your bracelets in good light, and use a plain colored backdrop, preferably white in color, that does not distract from the details of the bracelet. In addition, make sure you have a display stand for the bracelet so it looks great when photographed.


After building up your inventory, photographing your bracelets, and creating your product descriptions, you need to attract customers. One way to do that is through the power of social media. You should set up a business page on the most popular social media platforms and work hard to gain followers. The more people who see photos of your bracelets, the more customers you are likely to have. You should also make sure that your company's website is SEO optimized so potential customers can find you when searching for retailers who sell handmade bracelets.