5 Tips When Purchasing Earrings For An Infant

Posted on: 12 July 2016

Ear piercing is a common practice in the United States. In fact, many pediatricians will pierce an infant's ears while they are in the hospital after birth, or during a checkup exam. Pierced ears come with many responsibilities, such as keeping the piercing clean and choosing appropriate jewelry for it. If you want to purchase earrings as a present for a friend's baby, it is important that you know some basic concepts about infant earrings. This will allow you to pick an appropriate and safe pair of earrings for your friend's child. 

Choose Hypoallergenic Metals 

Babies can have skin that is more sensitive than most adults' skin. For this reason, it is important to choose hypoallergenic metals when you are purchasing jewelry for an infant. Some common choices include 14-karat gold, palladium, platinum, and argentium sterling silver. You can also look for surgical-grade steel. These metals have fewer alloys in them and are less likely to cause skin reactions, even in young babies. 

Consider the Size of the Earrings

When purchasing earrings for an infant, you should keep in mind that many earrings will look big on them and put unnecessary weight on their earlobes. Most jewelry stores have a specific selection of infant and toddler jewelry. Alternatively, you can look for a small size of adult earrings. However, keep in mind that even if the visible stud of the earring is not overly large, the post may be too long for an infant. 

Select Earrings That Will Not Get Caught On Items 

Babies will move their heads and wave their arms without much control. This creates many opportunities for their earrings to get caught on various items, which can result in a torn earlobe. To prevent this, you should make sure to purchase earrings with a low risk of snagging. Generally, this means small studs or flat earrings are best. However, a set of "huggies" (very small hoops that hug the earlobe) may also be considered safe. If you are purchasing huggies, make sure to purchase huggies for infants, as adult huggies may actually become normal hoops on an infant. You should avoid pendant earrings, hanging earrings, or medium or large hoops. 

Make Sure the Earrings Have Secure Backs 

The most secure backing for infant studs is a screw backing. This is a back similar to a push-on back that screws onto the earring post. A flat back that screws on can also be a good option, as it is less likely to poke the infant. 

If you purchase earrings with a push-on back, you should be sure to select a back that covers the entire end of the post and does not leave the post exposed. Sometimes, silicone backs make a good choice because they are soft and yet hold the earring in place. 

Consult the Parents About Your Earring Choices If They Are a Gift 

If you are not the parent of the infant, you may want to consult the parents before you purchase earrings for their child. Many parents pierce their children's ears for cultural reasons and may utilize a certain set of earrings, such as a gold set given by the grandparents, for the child's entire infancy. If this is the case, you may be better off purchasing a different gift and saving earrings for a gift later in life.

Additionally, parents can tell you what types of metal, styles of earrings, and kinds of backing they are willing to put on their infant. This can prevent you from purchasing a gift that the parents will not feel comfortable using. 

Earrings can be a great present for a friend's infant. However, it is important to follow these guidelines when selecting your gift.