Three Thrifty Tips To Keep Your Necklaces Tangle And Scratch Free When Traveling

Posted on: 31 January 2016

According to one image consultant, "Costume jewelry can add elegance and sophistication." As a businesswoman who wants to exude elegant sophistication, you know that fashionable necklaces are one way to individualize an outfit and create a unique look. However, as someone who is not used to traveling for business trips, it is important you learn how to safely pack your necklaces so that when you open your suitcase upon arrival, your necklaces look as perfect as when you packed them. If you are struggling with ideas about how you can do this without spending a lot of money on jewelry cases and organizers, these three tips will help to keep your jewelry pieces tangle free and looking terrific.

Flexible Drinking Straws

If you have a necklace with a thin chain, a flexible straw can help to keep the chain straight and untangled. Flexible drinking straws can be purchased at any supermarket. These straws have bendable mouthpieces at one end. Make sure that you use a flexible drinking straw to protect your necklaces rather than a straight one. A flexible straw puts less tension on the necklace chain because it can follow the curve of the chain, which means there is less chance of the chain snapping.

Simply open the latch of the necklace, and slide one end through the opening of the drinking straw. Once it comes out the other end of the straw, latch the necklace back up so that no pendants on the necklace slide off. Wrap each necklace in tissue paper. You can then place multiple straws in a sealed plastic bag without worrying about the chains becoming tangled.

Inner Cardboard Tubes From Toilet Paper And Paper Towels

For chunkier necklaces and trendy fashion jewelry with multiple strands that will not fit through a straw, you need to find bigger tubes to keep them tangle and scratch free. This is where you can reduce the trash going to your local landfill by saving the inner cardboard tubes that are left over from finished toilet rolls and paper towels and putting them to good use.

To use these items to protect your necklaces, follow the same idea as the drinking straw method. Unlatch the necklace, thread it through the tube, and then refasten. For chunky necklaces, place each roll inside a sock before you place it in its own sealed plastic bag. The cardboard tube reduces both tangles and scratches, and the sock provides a soft cushion in the suitcase. This reduces the chance of the beads being chipped by any hard objects in your suitcase while in transit.

Bubble Wrap

The next time that you receive a parcel that is has been wrapped in bubble wrap, or you receive a bubble wrap envelope, keep the wrap for your necklaces while traveling. Bubble wrap is best used for thick necklaces, as the chain of thin necklaces could tangle around itself while within the wrap.

Place the piece of bubble wrap on a flat table, then place your necklace on top and fold the bubble wrap around it. Use tape to seal the bubble wrap around the necklace until it is fully sealed.

No matter which of these methods you use to protect your necklaces while traveling, always try to pack necklaces in the middle of the suitcase where they are surrounded by clothing. Additionally, the more tightly packed the suitcase is, the less likely your necklaces will move around. This increases the odds that they will arrive at your next destination looking as fabulous as they did when you packed them, and that means you will look and feel fabulous as you walk into the business meeting.